Types of Ohio Health Insurance base on employment status

One of the most important forms of insurance any person can get is health insurance.  Without health insurance, an emergency visit to the ER can bankrupt a person, leading them to financial ruin as they spent decades paying off incredibly high medical bills.  What makes Ohio health insurance so challenging is that there is no single type of provider, but rather countless options stitched together to form a kind of net that provides some coverage to most people.  As you might expect, the system is far from perfect and a great amount of what it means to get coverage relies on people going out of there way to ensure that they will be covered.  With that in mind, this provides us with a closer look at what types of Ohio health insurance out there.

I Do Not Have A Job Or Are Between Jobs, And Am Under 65 Years

If you are between jobs, do not have a job, or earn below a certain amount, then you will be eligible for Medicaid.  Many people looking for work pick up Medicaid in the meantime to ensure that if something were to go wrong, they would be covered.  In addition, Medicaid is a great way to provide protection financially for those who fall between the cracks.

I Do Not Have A Job Or Significant Savings And I Am Over 65 Years Old

Medicare exists to make sure that elderly Americans have some form of coverage that allows for treatment and cost coverage even if they do not have a job or savings.  Once someone has reached the age of 65, or has an existing condition that can be considered an exemption to the rule, then they can get coverage through Medicare.

I Have A Job That Does Not Provide Health Insurance

Many Ohio workers are in jobs where no health insurance coverage is provided by their employer.  In this case, the only option available to you is through the federal exchange for insurance set up by the Affordable Care Act.  As the government has decided not to set up a statewide exchange, you will have to look through nation wide policies to find something that provides you coverage.  You will have a range of choices going from the least expensive minimal coverage to deluxe plans.  

I Have A Job That Provides Insurance Coverage
If your job includes health insurance coverage, then you will probably have a range of insurance policies that differ based on need.  You will have to work within their system to find coverage that includes all of your needs.